The Chinese medicinal products from the Scar Family are very high quality. Being a fight trainer, stuff like this is needed often at my school. It keeps people going in my MMA classes as well as my Kali classes so they can continue to train if something happens. I give these products the thumbs up!

Ron Kosakowski
Practical Self Defense Training Center
847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69)
Waterbury, CT 06706
"My student's forearms can attest that this Jow is the real deal. In true Chinese martial arts, if you want Iron Bridges (forearms), you simply cannot do it with out a powerful Jow Recipe in your medicine bag. The Scar Family Brand is true Dit Da Jow. Don't waste your money on other brands."

Sifu Andy Di Guiseppi
Owner/Head Instructor, CT Wing Chun
After several injury and pain filled years away from kung-fu conditioning, I finally returned to regular practice last year and iron hand conditioning a few months after that. Knowing that I needed some jow, my wife ordered some of your Shaolin Iron Fist Wine and the bruise liniment. I was skeptical as I was partial to my own teacher's recipe and had up to that point believed that it was the best jow around. His is an excellent all-purpose formula that had enabled me to develop a high level of conditioning fairly quickly. It was definitely way better than those overpriced, diluted 'factory jows' that are so prevalent these days.  That being said, I have to say that you guys ROCK!!!!! Your stuff is so TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! Your product is the best I've ever used. Period. You can definitely count on me to come to you for all my conditioning needs. I will even recommend you to my master the next time I see him. Your commitment to quality is really what kung-fu is all about. Keep it up and thank you very very much.

Paul Daehling
The first time I used it on a bruise, I was amazed at how quickly it worked. The bruise all but disappeared in 24 hrs. I used it on a nice knuckle ding, and it seemed to work well that time as well. The real test for me will be with my swollen hand I got today, doing a small repair around the house, I kinda back handed a 2X4 when I slipped.
The aroma is fantastic. I'll keep you updated. it's been raining pretty good here, so the kids and I haven't gone out back and trained too much. I'll get a report back to you in a couple of days or so..
  I applied the jow, and within 24 hrs. the swelling was almost all gone. There was a spot that I had to massage for a couple of days, but this particular jow is amazing. Never had one this potent.
This recipe is the Real Deal. I just wish I had it when I was training hard years ago. Now with 4 kids, work, and coaching the kids sports teams, training time has become less, but I get it in when I can. I know the first sprain I get on the ball field this season will be treated with the jow..
  The SCAR FAMILY Dit Da Jow products that I've personally tried are fantastic, top notch, and unbelievable in quality and aroma. I'm trying out a couple of more items as we speak, but YES, the stuff is for real. I've even turned on a couple of former soccer players of mine to the jow, and one of them AND his mom are now believers. This is NOT just for Martial Artists. Hit the link, and explore their site... The products will sell themselves, no snake oil here...

Kali Practitioner
Guitarist - Scarred For Life
So far, I love the bottle of Dit Da Jow I ordered. It was suggested to me by a good friend of mine as a jow to use while my home made batches are aging and I don't have any to use, so I gave it a shot and am really enjoying it.  Thanks a lot for shipping such a high quality product to me so affordably. I'd say you put Shen Martial Arts supply to shame with your products.

Nick Rodgers
Traditional 5 Animal Gung Fu - 4 years,
Western Boxing 2 years
I finally got to personally try out the herbal ice. That stuff is F*CKING A M A Z I N G !!! Being the skeptic that I am of most things, I always have to try things out first hand, and I gotta say that I do believe that it just takes the inflammation away. We were at the beach last weekend, and my daughter and I were playing in the surf, and this rock that had never been there before decided to get in my way and literally take me out. I had a huge lump with swelling on my left foot, and in the meantime, while trying to recover from this combo rock and surf attack, I twisted, rolled and re-sprained my right ankle. I made a mud like concoction, and applied it to both feet after applying the iron palm jow and the tai bie hong, and wrapped it in gauze and wrapping, and sure as sh*t, the inflammation on my right ankle was gone, and MOST of the inflammation on my left foot was gone. It's kind of elusive to me, because alot of the pain was still there, so being from the old school "Ice" mentality, I associated the pain in conjunction with the inflammation. But, when I took the wrap off, there was hardly any inflammation. Crazy stuff. I LOVE IT!

Kali Practitioner
Guitarist - Scarred For Life
The best Jow I have ever used....I smashed my finger with a HAMMER working on the school...DEEP bruise gone in three days!!!

Do you wholesale? We have a resale Pro Shop in the school and a wholesale license.

Ivan "John" Tunney
Systema Michigan Russian Martial Art
Siberian Tiger Martial Arts

Hey Guys,
All of the Scar Family products are nothing short of the best! Listen, I have purchased the dit da jow, the Ling Nam Ultra Balm and the Yunnan Baiyao Powder. All of these products work extremely well especially the Ling Nam. My wife has problems with her back, one day her back was so bad her legs were practically useless. We are an older couple
(fifties), after a light massage with the Ling Nam Balm, man; it was amazing --after about 20 minutes she got up and went to work. The Scar Family takes pride in their product line, very high quality. Unlike some of these other internet companies that are basically trying to make a fast buck; this is a company you can trust to give you high quality; as advertised products! Sifu you Rock!

Eugene S.

The Scar Family Products that I've tried,(& I've tried most of them) are GREAT.Love the aroma of the dit da jow & po sum on oil.They take Pride in their products,very high quality,& they really take care of their customer. 

Thank you,

Troy A.

Pasadena, MD

Thanks again for another great jow. Goes to show AGAIN why you are my favorite supplier. Great customer service and easily the best jow on the market.

Brendan C. - Denver, CO
Thank you very much, I just received the herbs yesterday. I will definitely be doing business with you again and recommend you to all of my brothers. I have already told my Sifu about your website and he was just astonished that there was a website that actually sold the herbs as well as pre made jow.

Thanks again,

Travis, CA,

Thank you so much for the Jow.  I will continue to purchase your products.  I've done a great deal of reading and experimenting with a few different jows from other people and yours stands alone.  I'm not sure how to describe it.  Most of the jows seem like colored water with an odd bit of herbal smell thrown in.  I might rub them on sore feet after a hard day in the ER.  Certainly not for Iron hand training , and as a nurse it is vital for me to maintain dexterity/use in my hands.  I have found your Jow's to possess a rich deep, color, strong herbal smell, and even something of a life or energy to them.  I would say this comes from the herb and the skill of the jow crafter. 

  Thank you again.


I just wanted to say that your Dit Da Jow and Taoist Temple oil are great products. I cracked a rib over a year ago and still had this lingering pain. I used the Dit Dow Jow on it for one month and now there really is no pain to speak of. I also have chronic shoulder pain in my left shoulder that is from very old injuries that are over twenty years old. The Taoist Temple oil used for about three days relieved the pain in both my shoulders and also increased mobility. Now the pain is mostly gone and the mobility has greatly increase almost to normal range. So thanks for such great products. I am a believer in your products.
Satisfied Customer,

Richard B. Gilland

The last batch I purchased from you worked great with my kung fu arm conditioning and wooden dummy.
Thanks again,


A quick note to say thank you for the manner in which you handled my recent order. I believe you gain and retain customers by exceeding their expectations and you certainly have done so. From the quality of the herbs to the overall packaging for shipment it was obvious care was taken to ensure quality. Also, the sample bottle of jow included with the the order was a very nice touch not seen when doing business with most other companies. Again, thank you, for being a pleasure to do business with. I will certainly relay my experience to others who may be interested in your products.

Lonnie McCoy
Thank you for the update on shipment. Both your cooperation and generosity are much appreciated. You can rest assured your name will be spread throughout my group and known as a quality supplier of martial arts supplies.

Best of luck and count on additional orders in the future.

Thank you again.


I recently had a sternum injury from a medicine ball and I bruised the cartilage pretty bad, it really hurt to breath and my chest kept cracking with each breath. The injury was on monday and it's thursday now and my chest feels almost fully healed! I have been using the harmonizing chi tonic along with the tea trauma pills,


I recently found your website looking for some dit da jow and seen how much different stuff you guys sell. It is amazing to me i cant wait to order

I got my jow today from CT to NM in two days damn that was fast i cant wait to give it a shot i will will you in in a bout a week or so thanks again and im glad i found your site


Hey there,

Thank you kindly for your generosity. FYI, not that you didn't know already, I wouldn't be back if your herbs didn't work.

When I first sought your product I endured a serious neck and spine injury.  Although it has improved dramatically, I'm still working through it with a combination of asian bodywork and the herbs.  So, thank you for doing what you do.

Thank you!


I really appreciate the time you spend to satisfy your customers,  I know I've had alot of question lately and the fact that you answer them thoroughly each time makes me happy! You are the perfect example of how a buisiness should handle their customers


I recieved your order today.  I see you included an extra bottle of the Shaolin Iron Palm Jow.   Thank you for this, I am glad try all three products.  I appreciate the high level of customer service with your company, and will continue to shop on your site!


Got the order today. Awesome! These are some of the freshest herbs I've
Awesome thanks!

Ed Southard
#1. I was writing back to say I love the dit da jow you guys make. Its been about a week or so and i feel like my hands and forearms are a lot stronger already. at first i thought the smell was kind of strange but now i live for it. i would recommend these products to anyone I will fill you in more as I progress.
thank you for the great products

#2. I just got my iron palm bag. I love it already I thought I was pretty tough i gave it a couple of hits and damn that thing is solid. I love it already and has a wonderful scent to it. Thanks again for the awesome products 

Mike Mazur

Hello, I recently bought some of your Golden Harvest Jow and the stuff is fantastic! I practice massage and bodywork so my body is always at the cusp of over training, this jow helped keep my hands working. Thanks so much

  Dan Sicchitano LMT
Hello, I have made a few purchases with your website and have been very pleased with everything

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your shipment! Not only am I impressed with your cultivations, but I am blown away by how quickly you got the package to us! With extras also! I am very happy and I am looking forward to my next order with you. I am distributing your cards also to other exceptional practitioners in hopes you attain much more business through our relationship.

Warren Holder
Your shipment was fast. I really like the jow, works great. My girlfriend had some bruises from out last Wing Chun class. I had some jow that I was using it wasn't working that fast. I put yours on her bruise the bruise immediately turned from green to a red brown color and is now starting to disappear. When I run out I will definitely buy some more.

Aaron Huckaba

Thanks very much for the amazing herb pack I got from you, double thumbs up.

Many thanks

I recently started MMA training and have aches and bruises every day. Ive also been dealing with an extensive knee issue. From the start I have been using the Iron Hit wine for normal aches and bruising with great result. Aches disappear faster and so do the bruises. I also used the San Huang San Gao to deal with my knee issues in the beginning. It was easy to use and i felt great after the first application, by the third i had no more pain. Once I got back to training i used the rest whenever my knee acted up again. I now use trauma wine on it regularly with great results. The Scar Family Products really help me get through my training.

Ken Wasko